Belle and Aurora get a ride from Wonder Woman!! This was such a cutie idea! And since this belongs to a little cute princess I added glitter as well. Even though you can’t see it in this photo. I had to make sure it sparkled just like this little princess!

And I am off to Baltimore!! Baltimore Comic Con starts tomorrow. :D I am doing a very limited number of paintings this weekend. Please come early. :)

Spike and Pinkie Pie! What is really fun about this commission is that I was asked to do three different pony commissions for the guy and each of them got signed by the voice actors! I thought that was an awesome idea and I was honoured to have painted them. Such a great pony fan!!

If you did not know already… I am the artist on the Spike Micro MLP book coming out in November! I’m so excited for everyone to see how it turned out! :D

This weekend I will be at Baltimore Comic Con! See you all there!

Ghost Rider chasing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Yes, this was a request… an AWESOME request! I am so happy with how this came out. :D So funny. Enjoy!

This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con! See you all there!

2013 Convention Schedule


Rocket Raccoon.

Copic sketch markers & Pigma Micron markers.

Oh my gosh you draw such a cute Rocket Raccoon!!!!!

Usagi Yojimbo painting I did for Baltimore Comic Con! If you like what you see you can have a chance to own this piece since it will be part of the Baltimore Comic Con art auction! :) See you all this weekend!

2013 Convention Schedule

Jedi Stitch!! :D

This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con!! Come by and say hi!!

I am very excited for this show since I have never been to Baltimore before!!

Because of deadlines and my wrist is not at 100% I will be doing a very limited number of painted sketches for this convention. Please come by early or shoot me an email for more information!! :) Excited to see everyone!!

After that… Las Vegas Expo!!

2013 Convention Schedule

Belle!! @nerdibird makes such a wonderful princess!!

I got a chance to meet the wonderful @tarastrong at @fanexpocanada and she signed my print for me!! So wonderful.

Buffy the vampire slayer painted at the Fan Expo Women’s sketch dual. I had the pleasure of sitting beside Sara Richard, Laurie B, and Alina Urusov. This was a fun fun panel with some very talented ladies!! Congratulations to all the raffle winners!

Up Next is Baltimore Comic Con! Can’t wait since I have never been to Baltimore.

Any questions please feel free to email me. :)

2013 Convention Schedule